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An Ionantha Rubra Air Plant perched in a Gold Geometric Hanger with a beautiful large Gold Labradorite pendant.


We don't use glue on our plants or crystals, this ensures that they are always accessible for proper care and use! This means that they are very delicate and prone to movements when handled.

Please be aware that no two plants are the same,

they all have their own unique features.

Colours may also vary on different devices.

! These items are for display purposes only and are not a toy.

Gold Labradorite

  • Product Information

    How to care for me?

    • We recommend submerging your airplant (remove from hanging display first) for 20 minutes every 2 weeks. Once removed from water leave to dry before returning to hanging display.


    Some succulents can be toxic, so keep away from pets.

  • The Seaside Jungle Code

    For information regarding our returns and refunds policy, please visit the 'returns and refunds' section on our 'contact' page.

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