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Plant Care 

Looking for the best way to care for your new plant? You've come to the right place! Different plants have specific needs such as light, air, water, nutrients and space, so we're here to offer guidance, advice and best practice to ensure your plant thrives! 


Caring for your Succulents


Succulents are super easy to care for and love bright places like windowsills and conservatories with shade. It’s best to avoid too much direct sunlight on your succulents as this can burn and blister their leaves.They absorb natural light best when their leaves are kept dust free and they are regularly rotated to ensure even growth!


Watering your Succulents

Succulents are different from most other plants and they store water in their leaves and stems and can go a long time between watering if needed. In fact, they don’t like being watered often and the key is to not overwater them as this can cause root rot. The type of vessel they’re in (drainage or no drainage) is also important to note as this will determine how much water they require. An easy way to Identify if your succulents are dehydrated is checking if their lower leaves are wrinkled but as a rule of thumb, we recommend watering a minimum of once a fortnight and always ensure the soil is dry before watering. During hot summer days we’d recommend only once a week and during winter every 2-3 weeks will suffice.

When watering your succulents in a pot with drainage you can give your succulents a good soak until the water runs out of the drainage hole but its really important to ensure the soil is fully dry before doing this. However, when watering succulents in a pot/Terrarium without drainage the approach should be very different, we recommend that each individual plant in your creation should be given as little as a teaspoon of water a fortnight, if space in your terrarium is an issue, you can do this using a pipette or a straw to make watering easier. If after a few hours of watering you believe your plants need a little more water than this, the leaves are always a good indicator – if they’re wrinkled they may require a little more. Following these watering rules for no drainage hole vessels will prevent the succulents roots from sitting in water and getting root rot.

Caring for your Air Plants


Air Plants (Tillandsia) are very low maintenance, they receive their nutrients from the surrounding air and moisture so can thrive in a wide range of settings and locations. They love bright spots out of direct sunlight and do particularly well in bathrooms due to the humidity.


Watering your Air Plant

Air plants are mostly found in humid rainforest climates, so naturally prefer an environment away from dry places such as fireplaces, ovens, air-conditioning vents or near cold windows in winter. In typical household conditions , we recommend fully submerging your Air Plant (remove plant from vessel and place just the plant into a bowl/glass of water) for 20 minutes every 2 weeks.

Should you require any more information or advice on how to care for your new plant, please contact us here.

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