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Our Story    


Hello! We're Rhys and Kerri,

two passionate travel lovers living in the beautiful seaside town of Selsey, West Sussex. We are happiest when exploring the great outdoors, visiting new places or getting messy in the garden!

At home we have a huge ever-growing collection of plants which for a long time, we have grown and propagated, creating our very own plant masterpieces. Over time, our love for plants, gardening and the seaside combined and we decided the time had come for us to share our passion...

In November 2021, The Seaside Jungle Co. was born!


At The Seaside Jungle Co. we design and create beautiful one of a kind living plant creations. 


Our collections include a huge variety of plants including Succulents, Cacti, Air Plants and more!

In addition to our pre-made plant creations

we also offer:







The Planet is very important to the both of us and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. 


We are committed to only using natural materials when creating our products, whether that's our wooden/stone decorations, semi-precious stones or our plant-based biodegradable glitter and we always strive to remain plastic free. 

The only exception to this is the occasional use of recycled materials to help protect your products on delivery.

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